A portable desk designed for the growing need to comfortably use a laptop in bed, couch, floor, and much more.

How often are you at your desk for a while and get to a point where you feel like you just couldn't stretch enough, yet have to finish your task anyway? Typically you keep going or take a break. AdapDesk opens up another option, you can take your work somewhere more comfortable. Sometimes the rush and the demands of your activities have you wanting to spend a few hours with your self and your laptop; to watch a movie, play a game, engage in productivity, or just aimlessly surf the web. AdapDesk being so adjustable to the point where you can use it completely laying down adds to the enjoyment of these escapes.

Our product helps anyone use their laptop comfortably. People who work at home don't have to limit their work-space to a desk, people who are in bed rest can use their laptops, students in a crowded dorm where there is limited desk space can comfortably use their devices. The list goes on, but the most important thing is making it possible for AdapDesk to reach the people it can help.

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AdapDesk has design features that no other portable desk or tray in the market does. Solid and stable, durable and reliable, light and portable. 


AdapDesk is designed from the ground up with a patented unique leg system which provides unique advantages.

This design evolved along side the understanding of it's purpose, garnered through customer feedback and prolonged testing. It's not only a stylized desk, it's ergonomic and practical; the inherent style is a byproduct that lends it self to finishing touches and natural aesthetics.

The Premium Edition's legs have the capability to extend their base's length, providing extra stability for heavier laptops left unattended on squishier beds, or at the user's discretion.

The accessories are quick and easy to install or remove. Easy to fold and adjust. Take it with you on the go.